Fresh options are available for investors in Viacom CBS Inc (NASDAQ: VIAC at today, at the end of 28 May. Imposing the formula has searched the VIAC option chain for the latest contracts for May 28 at Stock Options Channel and has found one of its specific interests and a single call contract.

At $43.00, the offer is placed at an actual $3.75 deal. If an investment company had to sell this deal to the public, they committed to buy the stock for $43.00 but then received the bonus, setting the shares’ cost base at $39.25. (before broker commissions). To an investor still interested in buying VIAC stock, this might be a nice option to pay $43.41/share today.

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Since the 43.00 dollars strike is around 1% off the actual selling price of the stock (i.e. by the amount out of money), it also may result in the expiration of the deal. The latest analytics show that the current probability of this occurrence is 100%. The Channel of Stock Options tracks this probability in time to see if it changes.

Committing to sell

The call contract at a strike cost of $44.50 has the latest offer of $3.40, which goes to the calls side of the option chain. If an investor is going to buy VIC shares at the latest $43.41/share price range, and then sell this call-up deal as a “covered call-up,” then the investor undertakes to buy the share at $44.50 for the inventory. Given the calling vendor, the premium will also lead to a total return of 10,34 percent if the stock is called off on the expiration of the 28th of May, minus dividends held before broker commissions.

Much upside will probably be left on the table if VIAC’s(NASDAQ: VIAC) shares actually rise, which is why it becomes necessary to look at ViacomCBS Inc’s 12-month-old trading history and to research market dynamics.


Considering that the strike of $44.50 reflects a prime of approximately 3% on the actual market trade price, (i.e. by that amount it is out of the money), it will also lapse worthlessly, under this case all the investor’s stock and the premium would remain received. The new observational results indicate 99% of the current probabilities.

That is a 7,83% increase in the investors’ additional return or a 57,18% annualised increase of the real 12-moon variance (in the light of the last 251 closing days as well as today’s $43,41 price) of 71%in (NASDAQ: VIAC). There are also many other good stocks like nasdaq bngo at